Here’s who that Eurovision streaker really was

Nope, he wasn't actually Australian


Only in Eurovision could a streaker take to the stage and nobody be sure if it was part of the act or not… Yes, on Saturday night an audience member draped in an Australian flag cheekily jumped on screen to reveal his derrière to millions as last year’s winner Jamala performed.


But(t) the stage invader wasn’t actually Australian: he was Vitalii Sediuk, a well-known Ukrainian prankster.

He’s previously broken into several other showbiz events: he rushed on stage during the 2013 Grammys as Adele received an award and in 2016 he picked up model Gigi Hadid on a Milan fashion show red carpet (before she promptly elbowed him in the face).

Brad Pitt has also taken out a restraining order against Sediuk after the prankster ran into him on the Maleficent red carpet in 2014, breaking Pitt’s glasses. This incident saw Sediuk widely-condemned by the US media, with Vulture describing him as “Borat without the wit or satire”.

So, what’s happened to Sediuk after Eurovision? He’s been detained by Ukrainian police under charges of hooliganism and could face a fine or five-year jail sentence, say SBS World News.


Moral of the story: don’t wiggle your bare bum in public. Just in case you weren’t sure.