Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis has done a news podcast and he’s actually brilliant

#Neville4Newsnight - we're just saying...

You might know him best as the hopeless wizard turned hero from Harry Potter, or that bloke from Bluestone 42, but did you know Matthew Lewis also has quite the flair for current affairs?


The actor, and soon to be Ripper Street star, joined Tom Parry and Clint Edwards on BBC Radio Wales’ The Leak to talk about the week that was on Friday night and gave quite the performance.

Lewis had no trouble weighing in on the comedic discussions about Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump, and even had quite a lot about to say about the recent flooding during Storm Desmond.

“I read it yesterday, that apparently one of the biggest problems was that they’d put all this money into defences from the riverbanks, etc, but when it came down in rainfall, 6ft or whatever it was, the defences worked the opposite way and stopped the water getting back into the river and away. So it had a complete adverse effect,” the knowledgable Lewis commented.

And when the price of petrol – £1 per litre – was up for discussion, Lewis couldn’t resist making a cracking gag. “Well it’s cheaper than a litre of water from WH Smith, isn’t it?” he chuckled. “So I might just start making my tea with that.”

#Neville4Newsnight – you heard it here first.

Lewis saved the best for last, though. Discussing comedienne Sarah Silverman’s recent tweet in Welsh, the hosts invited their guests to do an impression of an American saying an iconic Welsh phrase.

Let’s just say Al Pacino wouldn’t have any trouble asking for a cwtch in Cardiff…


You can hear Lewis in full flow on BBC Radio Wales here