Great British Menu 2015: meet the North East chefs

Michael O'Hare, Mini Patel and Tim Allen are the chefs cooking for the Women's Institute in the latest round of heats

This week it’s the turn of the North East chefs in Great British Menu, with three new contestants aiming to fulfil the brief of the Women’s Institute banquet.


Find out more about each chef and where they cook here.

Michael O’Hare

Michael O’Hare set up his own restaurant just last year, the brilliantly Oz-inspired The Man Behind The Curtain in Leeds. His ethos is as memorable as his hair: “I don’t want everyone to like it all,” he said when describing his food earlier this year. “You’re not doing anything right then, are you? You’re just cooking mundane food.”

The chef started out studying aeronautical engineering, before deciding that he’d rather be a cook rather than a pilot. Judging by some of his dish titles however – such as The Insecurity of Postmen in Oakley Sunglasses – we’re pretty sure Michael’s still got his head in the clouds.

Eat Michael’s food at: The Man Behind the Curtain, Leeds

Mini Patel

A Leeds native, Mini Patel has travelled far and wide in his search for first-class kitchen experience, working with the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and former Great British Menu contestant Angela Hartnett.

He’s settled in Buckinghamshire for his latest venture: he’s head chef of The Pointer restaurant and pub, which has its own farm and estate attached. There’s been a pub on the site of this Brill favourite since the 1700s – and Mini’s classic dishes are just as rooted in the traditions of British cuisine.

Eat Mini’s food at: The Pointer, Brill

Tim Allen

Tim Allen earned his first Michelin Star for Launceston Place in London just six months after joining the restaurant as head chef in February 2012.

A keen gardener, Tim says he uses his experience getting his hands dirty to help him in the restaurant, and the Yorkshireman is a natural at making the most of home-grown organic produce. Like the others, Tim comes to the kitchen with a wealth of experience – but when it comes to Great British Menu, they’re all newbies.

Eat Tim’s food: Launceston Place, West Kensington


Follow Tim: @TimAllenChef

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