Gogglebox couple ‘Silent Jay’ and Eve split up – but will continue filming together

Romance is over for one Gogglebox pair, but Jay’s not going anywhere this series

Gogglebox couple Jay and Eve have split up. Yes, Jay, aka ‘Silent Jay’ who says very little (ie nothing) during a show based entirely on people discussing TV. It’s OK, his facial expressions do the work. Downturned mouth means not impressed. Hair swipe usually embarrassment. 


But don’t worry, there won’t be a Jay-shaped dent in the sofa alongside Eve, her mum Viv and her German husband Ralf. Jay’s not going anywhere. It was an “amicable” break up, Channel 4 told us and they’ll continue to film the rest of the series together as friends.

Thank goodness, because it’s his thoughts that count most. Those who shout loudest have the least to say and all that jazz.

Let’s hope there’s not an influx of mushy romantic shows though, they’ve got to film together until mid-May. We wouldn’t want any awkward silences now would we? Oh, wait…


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