From Abba to Bucks Fizz: Lego’s Eurovision birthday card deserves douze points

Denmark may be out of the running this year but its most famous toymaker is still feeling the Eurovision love

Hello Europe, Lego calling! Ever wondered what your favourite Eurovision Song Contest stars would look like if they were plastic mini figures?


Well, wonder no more because the Danish toymaker has only gone and created the most wonderful 60th Anniversary Eurovision tribute known to (The Brotherhood of) man.

The two minute tribute kicks off with Abba’s 1974 victory…

Saves ALL its kisses for The Brotherhood of Man…

Skirts around the stage with Buck’s Fizz…

And even clicks its heels to Riverdance’s 1994 debut.

The Eurovision community may spend a lot of time complaining about its voting habits but you can’t knock the block this time around…


The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final is live on BBC1 from 8pm on Saturday May 23rd

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