Chances are you're just getting over the emotional and psychological damage caused by #TheDress.


For those of you who don't remember – or have blocked it from memory – the internet was rocked last February when a photo of a simple striped dress surfaced on Tumblr and people just couldn't make their minds up whether it was black and blue or white and gold...

(It's still bugging you, isn't it?)

Well, now the internet has produced a brand new brain teaser. Originally spotted by, the black and white photo shows a cat on a set of stairs. Only problem? We can't decide if it's travelling upstairs or downstairs and it's driving us mad!

Take a closer look and you'll see the staircases's wooden framing and carpet pieces give possible clues. Social media has already started #UporDown to try and put the pieces together, and it's causing a fair amount of frustration.

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@ilovesoholondon @ELLEmagazine Just spotted this.

— Geoff Motley (@GeoffMotley) April 11, 2015

Of course, ultimately the conversation ended right back where it belonged, with The (dreaded) Dress.

what colour stairs is this cat walking up down?

— HappyToast (@IamHappyToast) April 9, 2015

But what color is its dress? #thecat #thedress

— AskMen (@AskMen) April 10, 2015

The cat's blue. Definitely #CatOnStairs #thecat #catgate

— Richard Robinson (@LondonRobinson) April 13, 2015


What do you think? Is the cat going upstairs? Downstairs? Who cares? Share your thoughts in the poll below...