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Five yell-at-the-TV moments from the return of Britain's Got Talent

If only Gogglebox filmed us all...

Published: Saturday, 11th April 2015 at 8:20 pm

Britain's Got Talent is back for another year of bonkers action – so bonkers in fact that I defy you not to have been screaming at your TV from start to finish. From singing dogs to jaw-dropping acrobatics, there was plenty to have you yelping, gasping and LOLing. Here's the five top yell-at-the-TV moments I predict you experienced during the show:



Brother and sister double act Billy and Emily hit the turbo button on rollerskating tonight, with Emily spending a fair amount of time being spun around with her head in smashing distance of the stage. The judges were panicked, Ant and Dec were panicked, I was among the many hiding behind my hands... rollerskates should be kept on the ground for all our sakes.


There aren't many reality shows that you ponder just how naked a group of ladies dressed as cleaners will get. But 'Ruby Red' lost more and more layers as their dancing act went on. Simon Cowell was forced to admit he'd pressed his red buzzer a touch early as the group of women stood in front of him with their Union Jack nipple tassels swinging...

3. "HOW?!"

Well, Simon's finally got his wish; a singing dog has graced the Britain's Got Talent stage. It's also bilingual and meows. I know. I was told off by Amanda Holden for looking so perplexed when she tried to explain it to me. But Wendy the dog is quite something, with her owner providing her vocals while she opens and closes her mouth at just the right time. It's like seeing an impressive magic trick that you can't figure out, leaving you simply asking, "How?!"


Twenty-year-old free-runner Matt managed to leap over Ant and Dec, swing from a gymnastics bar and clamber over all manner of other equipment. But then he took it a step too far and jumped from one of the royal boxes of the theatre. He crashed onto the floor, appeared to hit his head and stumbled over to take a break near Simon Cowell. It was the moment you started thinking this show had taken it too far. Where was the safety equipment? Why did no-one stop him..? Then he admitted it was all a joke and carried on free-running. And breathe...


I defy any viewer not to have pulled a face akin to the first time a baby tries a lemon when gymnast Magdelena finished her routine. Clad in a leopard-print body suit it was practically impossible to figure out quite how she got herself into this position without breaking every bone in her body... "Do you have another song?" Simon joked, clearly eager to see more.

Britain's Got Talent continues next Saturday at 8:00pm on ITV


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