Five Guys a Week is a dating show with a difference as one woman plays host to a bevy of men in her own home.


As unique takes on the genre become the norm, Channel 4 have their own new offering.

Here's everything you need to know about Five Guys a Week.

What is Five Guys a Week? How does it work?

Channel 4 have decided to experiment on how couples find love, and will be asking the question: "How do you know if someone's right for you until you've lived with them?"

Five Guys a Week will see a different woman invite five men into her own home each week where she will get to know her.

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While there, the guys will do everything with her, including going for dinner with her friends.

Every day, the woman has to eliminate a different man until there's one left, who she claims to be her perfect match.

But can love flourish after?

When is Five Guys a Week on?

Five Guys a Week will take the 9.15pm slot on Channel 4 every Tuesday.

The first episode will air on Tuesday 10th March and the series is five instalments long.

Five Guys a Week
Five Guys a Week

Who are the girls taking part?

Throughout five weeks, we'll get to know five girls who are all looking for different things.

The contributors are as follows...

Episode one: Amy

Amy is a 34-year-old marketing consultant from St Albans, and is looking for a new guy after recently getting divorced.

She chooses surfer Trystan, songwriter Scott, debonair stuntman Michael, international fraud investigator Christian, and local government consultant Glenn to live with her.

Episode two: Kellie

Kellie, 32, from Burnley is keen to find a vibrant and loud man to match her own bubbly personality.

She invites British Army Commando Steve, amateur strongman Lee, nightclub DJ Barry, sports shop manager Craig and gourmet food van owner Anthony to her house.

Episode three: Hope

Project coordinator Hope, 30, is after a red-haired man like Ed Sheeran or Prince Harry, but they will have to get past her mum's strict house rules first to have a chance with her.

She chooses entrepreneur Daryl, theatre marketing manager Paul, law student Stephen, fluent Chinese speaker Ryan, and trainee Reiki Master Matt for her experiment.

Episode four: Nina

Sunderland resident Nina, 33, is after an immaculate man to fit into her perfect abode.

She picks part-time model Scott, marine engineer Carl, financial adviser Mark, Ryan Gosling lookalike Dale, and oil rig worker Joe to come over.

Episode five: Susan

Glamorous Susan, 68, is looking for a fun-loving man to celebrate her 69th birthday with and she picks a wide range of guys to take home.

She settles on former rocker Gavin, ex-car salesman Cyril, entrepreneur Adrian, new-age vegan Theo and Greek cafe owner Tasos.

What has the reaction to the show been?

It's safe to say the show has already been a talking point on social media – with fans describing the first episode as everything from "cringe" to "excruciating" on Twitter, but many admitted that they'd nevertheless be tuning in for the following instalment...


Five Guys a Week airs Tuesday 10th March on Channel 4 at 9:15pm