Exclusive: Watch the first trailer for Channel 4 dating series Five Guys A Week

The new series sees a single woman choosing between five live-in boyfriends

Ep1.  Trystan, Michael, Amy, Scott, Christian and Glen.

Channel 4 have given RadioTimes.com an exclusive look at their high concept new dating show Five Guys A Week.


Each episode of the series will see a different single woman welcome five eligible partners into her home to live with her for a week.

They’ll all be competing for her affections, but she’ll be asking them to leave one by one, whittling down the group until she’s left with the man who could well be the love of her life.

The exclusive first trailer below offers a sneak peek at the personalities and dramas we can expect to see during the intense week of courtship.


Five Guys A Week will air Tuesdays from 10th March at 9:15pm on Channel 4