First look at Richard Ayoade in The Crystal Maze 2017 reboot

The beloved 90s game show returns for a full series later this year


It’s no wonder that the year of Trump is also the year of peak nostalgia TV: the idea of slipping back into the past seems all the more attractive as the days tick by.


 Earlier this year it was announced that the beloved 90s game show The Crystal Maze would be returning on Channel 4 for a full series, with comedian/filmmaker Richard Ayoade at the helm. Today we get our first glimpse of the man in action.


In the new series, teams of five contestants will make their way through Aztec, Medieval, Future and Industrial zones of the maze before a final showdown in the iconic crystal dome.

Back in January, the announcement of the show’s return following a one-off Stand Up to Cancer special was met with great excitement on social media.

Ayoade follows in the footsteps of Richard O’Brien, who hosted the original series back in the 90s, and writer/director Stephen Merchant, who hosted the one-off celebrity special last year.


 The 20-episode series will air on Channel 4 later this year.