Exclusive – Teen First Dates clip teases emotional moment between singletons Maddison and Jacob

The clip shows self-confessed 'ladette' Maddison reveal that her father tragically passed away the day before her sixteenth birthday.

Fred Sirieix

Tomorrow night, Fred Sirieix will open the doors of a brand new restaurant for a special series of First Dates – welcoming a batch of teenage singletons embarking on their first-ever dates.


RadioTimes.com can reveal a first-look clip at Teen First Dates, which sees self-confessed ‘ladette’ Maddison go on a date with bricklaying-apprentice Jacob, who is keen to find a girl who’ll get on with his mates.

And there’s not much small-talk before the pair begin discussing some very heavy topics, with Maddison revealing that her father had tragically passed away the day before her sixteenth birthday.

After Jacob asked her if her dad was still working as a scaffolder, Maddison broke the news, saying: “The day before my sixteenth birthday I think he had a… I don’t know what it was. Something burst and poisoned his blood and he went into a shock.”

She went on to explain that the next day she sat an English exam,  but said that the death hit her very hard because she was “more of a daddy’s girl.”

Responding, Jacob says: “If I lost my Dad I don’t know what I’d do.”

And Maddison continues: “You sit there and think about it, but you don’t want it to get in your way because you’ve got a whole life to live.”

The pair go on to discuss how many kids they would each like to have, with Maddison revealing that she wants three children – and that she prefers baby boys to baby girls.


Ahead of the first episode, Sirieix exclusively told RadioTimes.com that the experience of filming the new series was “almost like being David Attenborough”, explaining that “It’s the time where people feel the call of nature, physically. You want to meet somebody, and that’s just the way we are as human beings.”

Teen First Dates will air on Monday 22nd February at 10pm on E4. For something else to watch, check out our TV Guide