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First Dates exclusive clip: Ian returns for a second date

The unlucky-in-love science technician is hoping for better luck this time round - seven months after he had his first date in the restaurant

First Dates: Ian
Published: Wednesday, 18th April 2018 at 4:14 pm

There's a familiar face in the First Dates restaurant this week. Yes, unlucky-in-love Ian is back for another date - and another chance at love.

Advertisement have an exclusive look at Ian's second date, and this time he's sharing a romantic meal with a girl called Emma.

During their date, Emma reveals that being on a date is a "brand new ball game" and that she has previously been on "zero" dates.

Which Ian can certainly relate to, because when the 31-year-old science technician first appeared on the Channel 4 show back in September 2017, the date he went on with Stacie was also his first ever date. Sadly, it all ended on a low note when Stacie said she didn't want to see him again.

As he relays the story, Ian says that "unfortunately the previous person didn't click" - although quickly, and very smoothly, adds that he's very glad he's with Emma on this second date.

But will it be second time lucky? Will love blossom between these two dating novices? We'll have to wait and see - but we flipping well hope so.


First Dates continues Wednesdays on Channel 4 at 10pm


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