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Divorced couple have hilariously awkward encounter on First Dates - and viewers don't know where to look

The first episode of the new Channel 4 series was SO painful to watch

First Dates divorced couple Stuart and Mandy
Published: Thursday, 5th April 2018 at 9:31 am

If you're single and looking for love, going on First Dates could see you matched with the man or woman of your dreams as you spend a glorious evening falling in love.


Or you could end up stood at the bar getting served a cold, hard dollop of awkwardness as you shake the hand of your date's ex-husband.

That's precisely what happened to poor Adam, who walked into the First Dates restaurant and met his date Mandy at the bar.

He seemed a bit perturbed that Mandy was already talking to a handsome chap called Stuart. But Stuart was the one who was left put-out and looking on as he saw Mandy giggling with Adam as they got underway with their date. "I think he's her type. She was after someone quite tall," Stuart mused to Merlin. "Someone taller than me - I'm a short arse."

Stuart on First Dates
Stuart on First Dates (Channel 4)

Oh dear.

This rather unconventional set-up needs a bit of explanation: Mandy and Stuart are (very) amiable exes who came to the restaurant together to go on separate dates and try and find new romance. And, of course, they ended up on adjacent tables.

Viewers couldn't handle the awkwardness.


First Dates continues next Wednesday on Channel 4


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