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Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft host Keith Lemon says Channel 4 show is "the polar opposite" to what he usually does

Keith Lemon on the difference between presenting a raunchy late-night gameshow to hosting a wholesome family competition

Published: Sunday, 10th May 2020 at 7:00 pm

Keith Lemon has said that Channel 4's new craft competition – Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft – is completely different to any show he's done before.


Speaking to, he said: "It's the polar opposite to what I've ever done before, so anyone watching going, 'oh yeah let's watch Keith Lemon get his d**k out and stuff', it is not that."

He added: "It is a very lovely, joyous craft programme."

The craft series, which Lemon presents alongside Naked Attraction's Anna Richardson, sees four new competitors enter the factory each week who are tasked with crafting fantastic and quirky creations for celebrity guests.

He continued: "It's just a joyful, calming, lovely show. And I guess people will go, 'I'm surprised by Keith Lemon there, he didn't eff and jeff once did he?'"

"It's a total different avenue for me, which I've really enjoyed. I feel really lucky that I can do naughty late-night tele and do this at the same time. It's a really nice feeling."

Lemon, real name Leigh Francis, has presented ITV2's raucous gameshow Celebrity Juice since 2008 and has since starred in his own sketch show and movie – Keith Lemon: The Film.

Lemon is also an avid crafter himself, regularly posting his creations on Instagram. Speaking of how the show came about, he said that he sent images of his art to Channel 4 after they asked if he was interested in the crafting show.

"I sent them loads of picture of things that I've made, and they went, 'You didn't make that,' and I said, 'I did', and they went, 'oh this is perfect'."

Co-host Anna Richardson added that she hopes the show will inspire others to get crafting. "I think it's a lovely hour of positivity, it's absorbing, it's entertaining, there's a few sort of jeopardy moments and also you see a different side of Keith – a calmer side, a knowledgeable side to him."

"I think it's going to really encourage people to go, 'maybe I'll have a crack at this, maybe I'll go on the show, or perhaps I'll have a go at it,' that's what I think will happen," she said.


The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft begins Sunday 10th May at 8pm on Channel 4. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.


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