Exclusive sneak preview of the Let it Shine final

Watch remaining bands Nightfall, Five to Five and Drive rehearse their final routines


Tonight sees the grand final of BBC entertainment series Let it Shine, where remaining bands Nightfall, Drive and Five to Five will battle it out for the lead roles in an upcoming Take That musical.


And now you can take a sneak peek at what to expect from the glamourous night of TV with this RadioTimes.com exclusive video, which shows all three bands practicing their final routines in rehearsals.

So that’s Nightfall rocking out to Footloose, Five to Five repping Hairspray’s You Can’t Stop the Beat and Drive showing off the appropriately car-themed Grease is the word – and while we’re sure they’ll have plenty of other songs to whip out for the final test of their skills you can definitely say you saw them here first.

Elsewhere, tonight’s episode will also see the reunion between boyband Take That and sometime member Robbie Williams for a special performance – though Williams has had to pull out of an extended guest judging role due to an undisclosed “ailment,” according to the BBC.


Let it Shine continues on BBC1 tonight (Saturday 25th February) at 6.45pm