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Eurovision draw is good news for UK's Joe and Jake

The boys bag a spot in the second half of the show, which could be good news for votes

Published: Monday, 9th May 2016 at 7:16 am

The UK's Eurovision entry Joe and Jake have bagged a spot in the second half of this year's final, which could be good news for votes (go on, dare to believe).


The duo, who will perform their single You're Not Alone, learned of their positioning while at the opening ceremony in Stockholm.

Being in the second half could play into their hands in terms of votes: too early and you're forgotten by the time it comes to the vote, too late and everyone's got bored and gone off to do something else/ wash their hair/eat more snacks.

Clutching at straws? Perhaps. But hey, we'll take any glimmer of hope. And the public chose this year's act - we've got to at least back them a bit, right?

By all accounts their rehearsals on stage have been going very well and they seem to be very much enjoying the experience.

Fingers firmly crossed.

See the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday from 8:00pm on BBC1


Main picture via Chris McCluskey


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