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Who are Montenegro’s Eurovision 2019 entry D mol?

Meet the group attempting to pull off a win of biblical proportions with song Heaven

Published: Saturday, 18th May 2019 at 6:59 pm

We’ll put this out there now: it would be a huge surprise if Montenegro won Eurovision 2019. Only reaching the final in two of their 10 attempts in the competition, the country’s best finish is 13th place.


What they need this year is an act who can stand out from the crowd. One with some truly bizarre staging. And some super cheesy lyrics. In other words, they need D mol.

Why aren't Montenegro in the Eurovision Grand final?

They performed at the contest's first semi-final (held Tuesday 14th May), but failed to pick up enough votes to qualify for the final.

Who is Montenegro’s Eurovision 2019 entry D mol?

D mol are a six-piece vocal group consisting of Tamara Vujacic, Mirela Ljumic, Zeljko Vukcevic, Ivana Obradovic, Emel Franca, Rizo Feratovic.

The group were coached by Danijel Alibabić, who competed for Serbia and Montenegro with a boy band called No Name. Yup, they were actually called No Name.

What is Montenegro’s Eurovision 2019 song called?

D mol will perform song Heaven at Eurovision 2019. Content warning: it’s more 1990s than you're expecting.

What will Montenegro’s Eurovision 2019 song look like on stage?

We had our fingers crossed that D Mol would use the staging they had for their national final: the group stood on a giant music sheet, singing stationary at different heights throughout.

However, judging by their rehearsal video, the group have traded in their songsheet staging for some white plane-crew-style jackets. Nope it's just not as good.

What are the odds of Montenegro winning Eurovision 2019?

Prepare your fake shock face: Montenegro are set to finish last. Out of all 41 acts, most bookies predict D Mol will collect the least amount of votes.

How did Montenegro do at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest?

For the second year running, Montenegro failed to reach the final. Their song Inje finished 16th out of 18 acts in the semi-final.


The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 18th 2019

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