Eurotrash’s return was a massive nostalgia-fest for fans on Twitter

And all the reason some people needed to stay in the EU


After years off the air, 90s late-night entertainment series Eurotrash returned to Channel 4 last night in a one-off EU Referendum special, and it’s fair to say that fans of the old series where overjoyed to see its filthy sense of humour back on the airwaves.


To many, it instantly brought back their 90s childhoods.

And the welcome return of something they hadn’t realised they’d been missing.

Though of course, they can now watch it freely without fear of disapproving parents, which is somehow less fun.

And in the end, even the younger generation seemed to enjoy it.

Here’s hoping we can get another full series, whether Britain stays in the EU or not, eh?

It certainly seems to have made a few minds up anyway…


Eurotrash is available on All4 now