Emma Watson FaceTimed a fan to help her study for an exam

Who'd say no to study tips from Hermione Granger?


At Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry she was the smartest witch in her year so when Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger, starts doling out study advice you’d better believe her fans are willing to listen.


Filipina student Therese Kiara is no exception.

The young girl, who was busy studying for exams, was utterly spellbound when her mum bumped into Beauty and The Beast star Watson on the street, and the actress agreed to say hello and send some words of encouragement.

“I was studying for my Bio exam when my Mom called to show Emma Watson standing behind her, then she politely asked Emma if she can say hi to me on the cam,” she wrote on Facebook. ‘OH GOOD LORD, I CAN NOT BREATHE.’

Therese Kira said Watson was ‘kind and sweet’, and told ABS-CBN news that she hoped her own encounter with the actress would “motivate more people to study hard.”


If Emma Watson can’t inspire you to hit the books, we don’t know what will.