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Emily Atack on Singletown's duty of care: "We felt very protective over our contestants"

The brand new dating show, which launches on ITV2 tonight, has drawn comparisons to Love Island

Emily Atack Singletown (ITV)
Published: Monday, 2nd September 2019 at 1:43 pm

We still have another year four months until Love Island is back on our screens – but Singletown looks set to fill the gap as our next obsession.


The dating show, which sees five couples move to London, go their separate ways and date new people, is set to be as addictive as its summertime predecessor.

But while Love Island’s MO is to help its participants ultimately couple up with ‘The One’, Singletown is arguably harder, as the couples are asked to choose whether they want to “stick” with their current partner, or “twist” and remain single.

With Love Island receiving universal criticism from former contestants and fans alike over the aftercare of Islanders, Singletown host and mentor Emily Atack said that she and co-host Joel Dommett “definitely” felt a duty of care towards those taking part.

“Joel and I, we became very protective over them,” she told “ We’ve been through the dating scene, and I think everyone can relate to a break up. I think me and Joel made good mentors as we could talk them through the dos and don’ts of a break-up, because a break-up is the hardest thing in the world.

“We’re kind of their pals, essentially, getting them to feel good about themselves again, getting them dressed up and sending them on a date. We’re like wingmen, really!”

Singletown Hosts (ITV)

Atack added that she believed the show was more “emotional” compared to the soon-to-be bi-annual Love Island.

“I was shocked at their bravery,” she said. “It was really interesting how they matured. Some of these people had been couples for years, and they’re going in completely single, so there’s a lot more emotion attached to it. But it’s brilliant to date in London, it’s a really sexy city.”

Whether Singletown mimics the success of Love Island is yet to be seen, but should the dating show come back for a second series, Atack is keen to be at the helm once more.

“If people love it, then absolutely,” she said. “Of course I’d come back.”


Singletown launches Monday 2nd September at 9pm and continues on weeknights on ITV2


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