Derry Girls star Siobhan McSweeney on hosting her first travel series: “I have no role to hide behind so I feel very vulnerable”

The Derry Girls star told she'd be up for a second series of her new travel show, despite finding presenting daunting.

Exploring Norther Ireland with Siobhan McSweeney

Derry Girls star Siobhan McSweeney has revealed that, while she enjoyed hosting her first travel series for More4, she felt “vulnerable” with “no role to hide behind”.


McSweeney, who is best known as Sister Michael in Derry Girls and for hosting The Great Pottery Throw Down, presents upcoming series Exploring Northern Ireland with Siobhan McSweeney, visiting the country’s rural landscapes and historic homes.

When asked whether she’d be keen to host another series of the travel series, McSweeney told in an exclusive interview: “I would, you know. I really liked it.

“I must admit, I find presenting – I find it very funny because I don’t know how or why I’m doing it.

“But the only negative I’d say about presenting is that I have no role to hide behind, so I feel very sort of vulnerable around it because it’s just me. So that’s weird. I’m not used to be me.

“But I love chatting to people and I love all the adventures we got up to, so more of that please. Why not?”

On what the Derry Girls star would like to explore in another series, she revealed there were a number of places that didn’t make it into the first series that she’d like to showcase.

“We had about, on average, three experiences a day for seven days and we spent a week in each area, we weren’t able to fit everything in. So it wasn’t even a question of places that we missed out on. It’s places and experiences and people and insights that we, for various practical reasons, will not be able to show in this series.


“So I’m already brokenhearted over the things that we missed in this show that we saw, let alone the places that we didn’t see. I think it’s a testament to how much there is to do in Northern Ireland, I think it’s a testament to the fantastic people and the chats and experiences you can have there.”

Exploring Northern Ireland with Siobhan McSweeney airs Thursday 12th August at 9pm on More4. For more TV picks, check out our TV Guide. Check out our Drama hub for all the latest news.