Episode six

This week, Death in Paradise features a seemingly-impossible murder: how could the victim have been strangled to death when all the suspects were with each other at a meditation circle?


Cressida Bell – Zoe Boyle

Death in Paradise – Zoe Boyle as Cressida Bell

Who does she play? Cressida Bell left her family behind and used her trust fund money to set up a high-end spiritual retreat in Saint Marie with her partner Daniel Friend.

Where have I seen her before? Remember Matthew Crawley's nervy, dull but ultimately martyred fiancé from Downton Abbey – Lavinia Squire? That's Zoe Boyle. She has also starred in the comedy drama Witless, and appeared in the TV series Frontier, Breathless, and The Astronaut Wives Club.

Daniel Friend – Sam Hoare

Death in Paradise - Sam Hoare as Daniel Friend

Who does he play? Daniel Friend runs a spiritual retreat on Saint Marie with his partner, Cressida Bell. He sets off with his towel under his arm, saying he is going for his daily swim - and the next thing anyone knows, he's dead.

Where have I seen him before? McMafia viewers have recently seen Sam Hoare as Alan Reynott. Before that, he has appeared in Outlander, Granchester, Endeavour, Dickensian and Dark Angel.

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Bryn Williams – Richard Harrington

Death in Paradise - Richard Harrington as Bryn Williams.jpg

Who does he play? Bryn is a guest at Daniel and Cressida's spiritual retreat.

Where have I seen him before? Richard Harrington is one of two Poldark stars to pop up as guest actors in this episode - the other being Harry Richardson (Drake Carne). Aside from playing Captain Andrew Blamey, Harrington has starred in Requiem, Hinterland, and Lark Rise to Candleford.

Eva Ingram – Katy Wix

Death in Paradise - Katy Wix as Eva

Who does she play? Eva Ingram is a guest at the retreat. She doesn't take things too seriously and has a sense of humour.

Where have I seen her before? Katy Wix is a familiar face because she has been in a ton of TV dramas and comedies. She plays Fergie in The Windsors, and appeared as Florence Fagan in Evelyn Waugh's Decline and Fall. In Agatha Raisin she played Gemma Simpson, in Not Going Out she was Daisy, and in Torchwood she starred as Rhiannon Davies.

Gabe Lee – Harry Richardson

Death in Paradise - Harry Richardson as Gabe Lee

Who does he play? Gabe is one of the guests at Daniel and Cressida's retreat on Saint Marie. There is a LOT of anger in him.


Where have I seen him before? Harry Richardson is better known as Poldark's Drake Carne and appears in Death in Paradise alongside his Poldark co-star Richard Harrington (Captain Andrew Blamey). He has also starred in Julian Fellowes series Doctor Thorne, and played a soldier in the movie Dunkirk. In real life he is Australian.