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Deal or No Deal's Double Trouble week pits couples against The Banker

Deal makers could become deal breakers as relationships are put to the test under the ever-watchful eye of Noel Edmonds in his televised Dream Factory

Published: Monday, 2nd February 2015 at 11:25 am

Making big decisions in Noel Edmonds’ Dream Factory is always nerve-wracking but is the Walk of Wealth any less terrifying when your other half is right beside you?


That’s what five brave pairs will discover as Deal or No Deal pits them against The Banker in a week of Double Trouble Specials on Channel 4 from February 9th.

He won’t be making things easy for them though, putting both their nerve and their relationships to the test with the potentially perilous Banker’s Break Up Quiz.

If they can answer eight or more questions about each other correctly they’ll win a holiday. However, if they get three or more wrong and they’ll be split at his discretion, leaving one of them flying solo for the rest of the game while the other is banished to the isolation room.

Opportunities for the pairs to play at the Pound Table are limited though. Only five of the eleven hopeful couples will get the chance to put their union to the ultimate test and attempt to take home the £500,000 prize.

Host Noel Edmonds can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds as the double acts take on The Banker. "I’ve always found players' differing approaches to Deal Or No Deal fascinating and I’m intrigued to see how two sets of opinions will play out during the game" he said.

"These specials promise to be some of the most nail-biting and unpredictable games we have seen on Deal. Let’s hope our couples are still together when they leave the studio!"

Will double the money mean double the pressure? And could some of the brave pairs find themselves playing double or quits?


Catch the full week of Couples Specials on Channel 4 from Monday February 9th to find out.


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