Daniel Radcliffe’s laugh entertains Have I Got News for You viewers

The Harry Potter star's endearingly boyish laugh caught everyone's attention when he hosted the BBC panel show

Daniel Radcliffe, it transpires, has the sort of laugh you’d notice even across the most crowded of rooms. 


He showed off this rather boyish chuckle while hosting Have I Got News For You this week. Honestly, if Harry Potter had ever laughed like this while wearing his invisibility cloak, he’d never have made it through so many films.

Viewers were quite surprised by the sound.

I confess I can’t work out whether this is meant as a compliment or not…

Some people did seem to find it, well, a tad annoying…

Come on… everyone else loves it!

It’s so right, so so right…

Look, it’s actually a pretty important laugh people:

Here, check out a clip and make your own mind up how you feel about the laugh (love it, you should definitely love it).


Have I Got News For You continues next Friday at 9:00pm on BBC1