Dan Walker set 4 alarms to wake up for new BBC Breakfast job

From the 'claxon of disaster' to 'get up you massive horse' Walker wasn't taking any chances with his first early start


New BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker wasn’t taking any chances with his first day on the job, setting four alarms to make sure he got out of bed.


The first, at a stomach-turning 3.25am, was entitled the ‘claxon of disaster’, followed by the ‘foghorn of destiny’, the ‘final snoozer’ and a final – quite urgent now – ‘get up you massive horse’ just four minutes later.

Incidentally, he also had a 7am alarm called ‘aaaaaarrgghhh’ which thankfully wasn’t set to go off, otherwise he really would have mucked up on his debut.

Walker replaces long-standing news reader Bill Turnbull. The exiting host – who can now bin of all his alarms – offered some encouragement for the newbie.

Although Walker later joked Turnbull had ‘sabotaged’ him by also texting him at 11pm to wish him well. Luckily, Walker’s found Turnbull’s “bum dips” in the sofa and seems, despite the lack of sleep, ready and raring for the new job.


Walker will continue to juggle the new role with Football Focus.