The World's Greatest Dog Show came to an end this weekend as Maisie the Wire Haired Dachshund was crowned Best in Show at Crufts 2020.


Television presenter and actor Peter Purves called the dachshund "gorgeous" as he presented the award to the pooch and her delighted owner Kim McCalmont.

Pleased with their achievement, Kim revealed that Maisie would get to sleep on the bed that night to celebrate her win.

The reserve went to Miniature Poodle Frankie, making it the second time the pooch had won the accolade.

Best in Show judge Anne McDonald claimed the two dogs were examples of the best of their breeds and said there was nothing she would change about this year's competition.

She might have spoke a little too soon, however.

In a hilarious moment, as Maisie's owner led her around the ring, it seemed the little dog couldn't hold it in no longer as she did a poo on the green ring floor.

The moment left many viewers in stitches, with one writing on Twitter: "Coolest winner, and doing a poo during its lap of honour too."

But although Maisie might have won the trophy (and gone to the toilet at the same time), another dog won over viewers – and it wasn't for putting on a great performance.

Rescue dog Kratu became a fan favourite at Crufts after his comically bad performance. The rescue is a regular on the iconic dog show, and he made another appearance on the agility course this year at Birmingham’s NEC arena.

The loveable pooch couldn't seem to nail the "agility" part of the tournament, as he went completely off course.

Crufts' Kratu (Channel 4)

Kratu had a whale of time while making his way around the obstacle course. He manages to crawl through the tunnel, but leaps out and decides to go for a run around instead of completing the race.

As his helpless owner Tessa Eagle Swan chases after him, the dog continues to follow his own routine, and decides to grab one of the hurdles and charges off as if it is a huge bone. Watch for yourself:

Viewers just couldn't get enough of the pet pooch, with many dubbing him the true "winner" of the dog competition.
"@Crufts I think it's safe to say the real winner of #crufts2020 is #Kratu the cheeky pole thief," one said.

"Kratu’s out there having the time of his life! That’s a winner in my book," another added


He may not be a good boy, but Kratu certainly stole the show.