Cray times as adorbs, listicle and amazeballs are added to the online Oxford Dictionary

ICYMI, a fratty batch of hot diggity new words have been officially approved by the powers that be...

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Amazeballs news this morning. ICYMI the online Oxford Dictionary have nailed on their new additions in 2014 and hot diggity we’re excited.


If you’re a fan of binge-watching, air punching and humblebragging, it’s time for a bro hug in celebration of your favourite lingo getting the official nod from the powers that be. YOLO, right?

And while the batch of vocabulary added to in this quarter will not be entered into the paper-version of the dictionary just yet, its reflection of current language trends suggests they could be if they continue to be spoken frequently in the years to come.

TV-lovers will be pleased to see their everyday vernacular make the cut, with words like binge-watch and hate-watch (watching multiple episodes and watching to mock or criticise, respectively) now official entries. Binge-watch hit peak usage in February this year when series two of House of Cards was poised for release on Netflix.

Meanwhile, those image-obsessed among you are recognised with the addition of side-eye, side boob and neckbeard on the list, although the pogonophobes among you may be less than impressed.

Here’s a listicle of many of the fratty new additions. 


WDYT (translation: what do you think?). We want to know. FML, would everything be better without bare amounts of cray new words? Or is this new vocab amazeballs? Let us know in the comments box below…