Clare Balding is having the time of her life interviewing dogs for Crufts

But the Tibetan Terrier did not wish to comment...


It’s awards season for the show dogs of Britain as Crufts 2016 begins. Will the Leo DiCaprio of the pack FINALLY get their prize? Will any of the pooches stumble at the crucial moment?


Hosting the coverage for Channel 4, Clare Balding has been ‘interviewing’ some of the stars and featuring them on her Twitter feed.

Some of the canine celebs are keen to chat and some are being right divas. Or maybe they’re just nervous. Or trying to find their best angle for the cameras. But that’s the world of showbiz, eh.

This is the canine version of that 2014 Oscars selfie


She’s also calling for viewers to sen in their own ultimate pooch pics, which means we’ll probably be refreshing her feed for the rest of the day.