Christmas 2015: best TV on today, Wednesday 30th December

Do not miss today's picks such as Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough and Charlie Brooker's 2015 Wipe

Antiques Roadshow, 8:00pm, BBC1


Don’t be too confused by the appearance of the regular Sunday show on a Wednesday – and Fiona Bruce’s bauble and holly decorated introduction despite this episode being filmed in the middle of summer. The show is in Lyme Park, Cheshire this evening and is packed full of interesting stores about how the owners came to possess their items, such as a chipped cup and saucer that was owned by a string of impressive royals.

What Britain Bought in 2015, 8:00pm, Channel 4

Mary Portas is here to look back on all of the retail trends of this year that we as a nation jumped on the bandwagon of, such as adult colouring books and Nutribullets. She interviews marketing experts on turning a new brand into the latest craze, celebrities who tell us their key purchases and reveals what the top selling product of the year was.

Charlie Brooker’s 2015 Wipe, 9:00pm, BBC2

We can be sure that Charlie Brooker will not hold back on us about what he really thinks of the events of 2015. Join him and his friends Doug Stanhope and Diane Morgan as vacuous pundit Philomena Cunk for some cynical commentaries on subjects ranging from terrorism and war to Piers Morgan beginning presenting duties on Good Morning Britain in this end-of-year round-up.

Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough, 9:00pm, BBC1

Sir David Attenborough had a picture book of the Great Barrier Reef as a child and was the first person to film underwater there, nearly 60 years ago. He’s back to his favourite place, this time in a submersible he and the team are using to get all that fantastic footage we know is coming. Enjoy a house-proud mantis shrimp, fighting corals and a sequence of the life cycle of clownfish. 

Catherine Tate’s Nan, 10:25pm, BBC1


In this second and final Christmas special, Nan’s East End estate falls into hard times as developers circle like sharks, trying to evict tenants and snap up flats already owned, like Nan’s. When the buyer’s representative Charles Wilmott played by Adam James tempts Nan with the prospect of cash, she falls victim to the dark side immediately, although they soon fall out… with hilarious consequences.