Christmas 2015: best TV on today, Monday 21st December

Join a gorilla family with Gordon Buchanan and celebrate the history of the Queen's Speech this evening

Cue the Queen: Celebrating the Christmas Speech, 7:00pm, BBC1


Join Kirsty Young for a trip down memory lane as this documentary looks back at the history of the Queen’s Speech. Starting with King George V back in 1932 who used the power of the wireless to speak to the nation for the first time, we follow the story to World War Two where a Christmas message was of high importance and finish with it being considered a staple of many’s Christmas Day.

Miranda: I do, But to Who? 8:30pm, BBC1

Missing your Miranda this Christmas? Fear not, this repeat of the penultimate episode of the very last series should do the trick as Miranda has to make a decision to either marry Gary or Mike. Who will she choose? She can’t decide.

The Golden Age of Children’s TV, 9:00pm, BBC4

Take a trip back to your childhood with this montage of TV memories about the struggle to deliver great television shows for children at a time when they were often forgotten about. Forget about the digital age we all live in and enjoy delights such as Morph created by Tony Hart, Watch with Mother and wonder at why The Singing Ringing Tree was just that little bit scary. 

Gorilla Family and Me, 9:00pm, BBC2

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan is back, this time amongst groups of screeching and angry gorillas charging right at him in the Congo jungle. He tries to strike a bond with a Grauer’s gorilla Chimanuk in order to film his family as they go about their lives. The little ones are wonderfully expressive while Chimanuk himself holds up the locals by making sure his family cross the road safely. 

Reggie Yates’s Extreme UK, 9:00pm, BBC3

In the last of his films exploring modern masculinity, Reggie tackles an issue he has personally struggled with: body image. He meets some men who are desperate to become as lean and muscular as they possibly can. He also speaks to Sarah Cooney, whose son Oli died following several heart attacks and strokes after taking too many steroids. He was only 20 years old.

Bafta Celebrates Downton Abbey, 9:00pm, ITV


Get ready for the final ever episode on Christmas Day by celebrating everyone’s favourite drama series. Jonathan Ross hosts as we look back on the show where the characters lived in “a simpler time, of world wars… and homophobia.” Enjoy some behind the scenes sneak peeks with Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter and the uninimitable legend that is Maggie Smith and contributions from some famous fans such as P Diddy and Anthony Hopkins.