Chris Pratt is surprisingly good at running in heels

...but he's not a pro like his Jurassic World co-star Bryce Dallas Howard

Jurassic World sees Bryce Dallas Howard spend an awful lot of time running away from dinosaurs while wearing high heels. Why? No, we’re not really sure either, but according to co-star Chris Pratt, she’s a total pro.


“She did a phenomenal job and it wasn’t just on hard surfaces,” he told James Corden’s Late Late Show. “This is through the jungle in Hawaii, it was through mud, and she was just a total trooper and never once rolled an ankle or popped a knee. It was very, very impressive.”


He soon found out just how heroic his co-star’s efforts were when Corden produced a pair of red heels and challenged Pratt to try them out. His ladylike dash across the stage is funny enough, but it’s the facial expressions he pulls that make this worth a watch… 

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