Chris Hemsworth passed out between takes on The Heart of the Sea after “crazy diet”

The actor says his recent weight loss was the most "physically challenging" thing he's done

Chris Hemsworth has revealed he was passing out between takes after doing a “crazy diet” for latest flick The Heart of The Sea. 


You’d think getting ripped Thor-style would be the most physically challenging thing the actor has been through, but it was actually dropping the pounds that pushed him to his limits. 

“It was a crazy diet and sometimes when ‘cut’ was called you would literally pass out from exhaustion,” Hemsworth told Graham Norton.

Hemsworth certainly surprised his fans when he posted this picture online:

“It was the most physically challenging thing to do,” he admitted. 

The film, directed by Ron Howard, charts the life of crewmen who are left struggling to survive after a mammoth whale attacks their ship. The tale is said to have inspired Herman Melville to write Moby-Dick. 

Howard himself admitted it was quite the undertaking. 

“Directorially, it was the biggest of challenges, but I have an ambitious streak that I just have to follow. It’s a life experience making this type of movie – I’m not naturally adventurous as a person and these movies take me to places and experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise have.”

In The Heart of the Sea is released in cinemas on 25th December. 


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