Chris Evans listener pays £1.1 million for private Take That gig in aid of Children in Need

The huge donation had singer Gary Barlow and presenter Chris Evans in shock


A listener to The Chris Evans Show has paid a whopping £1.1 million for a private Take That gig in aid of Children in Need.


The BBC Radio 2 show had organised along with Gary Barlow a charity auction in order to raise money for the BBC’s fundraising extravaganza, but even host Chris Evans was left speechless when the final winning bid came in.

Listener Elaine Fairfax in London eventually won out with a £1.1 million bid, meaning Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen will perform live for at least 45 minutes wherever she chooses.

Listen to the moment host Chris Evans rung Gary Barlow live on air to tell him the news.

Barlow spoke to Evans from his gym toilet – the only “quiet” place to talk – while Evans told him the news.

“Elaine went up against this guy called Patrick from Guildford, and they got your lot up to half a million pounds,” Evans told Barlow. “That was at about quarter past nine this morning, and Elaine – she’s been with us all the way, she was not taking no for an answer, and she’d budgeted half a million pounds.

“And then out of nowhere we got a bid for £1 million. And then Elaine came back on and she’s bid £1.1 million, and that’s what she’s raised this morning. £1.1 million. Thank you so much Gary Barlow.”


“This is a charity we all love,” Barlow told Evans earlier in the show. “It’s going to be absolutely fantastic to come to whoever can bid the highest. We’ll come and sing for you, have a drink with you, have selfies with your friends, meet your Mum and Dad, whatever you want to do we will be there doing it.”