Chris Evans has suggested that TFI Friday could come back as a full series - but that he might not be the presenter. In fact Evans said his radio rival Nick Grimshaw could be a great choice.


Radio 2 presenter Evans interviewed Radio 1's Grimshaw in his one-off return presenting the live Channel 4 show on Friday night and took time out to point the way to the future.

Calling Grimshaw back from a quickfire chat, Evans said: "I think Nick is the future of the show. I think this is good fun for us oldies, but if this show comes back he is the guy, he is the guy.”

Grimshaw appeared to agree, mouthing "yeah”.

Before this moment the two also joked that neither of them listens to the other's shows on Radios 1 and 2 and agreed to “call it quits”.

Grimshaw then briefly assumed presenting responsibilities by introducing old TFI favourite It’s Your Letters.

Also appearing in the line-up of interviews were singer and The Voice judge Rita Ora and The Office writer Stephen Merchant.

The show was a nostalgia-fest for fans of the 1990s classic and also showcased a return of TFI favourite Freak or Unique and featured many clips from the show's great moments.

There were live performances from the iconic 90s band Blur with Roger Daltrey and Liam Gallagher singing The Who classic My Generation and an appearance by Jeremy Clarkson.

The "Top Gear" sequence saw Clarkson interview Evans on a drive through London with Evans appearing to row back from his vow to not being interested in presenting Top Gear. "I did say never, but I have downgraded that to never say never," said Evans, a motoring enthusiast.

However, when pushed by Clarkson, Evans admitted that he hadn't been asked to present the show.

The sequence also featured Evans' 89-year-old mother Minnie driving a lap of the Top Gear track on her motorised scooter in a bid to be the slowest ever.

But what about a a full-scale return of TFI?


At the end of the show, Evans hinted that this was on the cards, signing off with the words: "We did it before, so we could it it again, I suppose."