Viewers call hoax on Channel 4’s new hypnosis dating show Hello Stranger

Some people thought hypnotised couple George and Lucy were faking it

Channel 4

Viewers are taking to social media to complain that Channel 4’s new dating show Hello Stranger, in which couples are hypnotised to temporarily forget their partners, appears to be a hoax.


The first episode focused on wannabe vloggers George, 24, and Lucy, 20, whose four-year relationship had grown stale. They met Aaron Calvert, a hypnotist, and both underwent hypnosis in order to wipe their memories of one another.

They then each went on three dates, all the while labouring under the impression that they were single. And, of course, one of those dates saw the former couple meet for a ‘first’ date.

However, viewers have cast doubt on the show’s premise, arguing that the couple “clearly recognised each other” and that they were faking the hypnosis in order to gain publicity for their vlogs.

“If you believe that these two are genuinely being hypnotised and not faking it for yet more publicity for their vlogging, then you’re seriously gullible,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Fake…fake…fake..,” said another. “[T]hey clearly recognised each other, talked over each other and acted totally differently than on all other dates. Body language and conversation clearly relaxed and familiar. Give me a break.”

Advertisement contacted Channel 4 for a comment.

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