Celebrity MasterChef 2015 final: Rylan Clark, Kimberly Wyatt and Sam Nixon do culinary battle

They've chopped, sautéed and marinated their way to the grand final. But who’ll impress John Torode and Gregg Wallace in this final night of challenges?

Have some snacks ready as tonight’s Celebrity MasterChef is set to be extra mouth-watering as finalists Sam Nixon, Rylan Clark and Kimberly Wyatt pull out all of the stops in a bid to win.


Twenty have become three over the past six weeks, as the judges have slurped dodgy red wine sauce and chomped their way through awkwardly mushy bananas.

Tonight’s final is no easy task. The three celebrity cooks face The Chef’s Table. Michelin star chef Angela Hartnett is hosting and they must each do their best to impress some of the UK’s most prolific female chefs with their gourmet grub. Of course they also face the task of impressing MasterChef’s own John and Gregg, who wait back at headquarters for a lip-smacking three course meal.

But as we near the end of the show, here’s a look back at how the finalists were feeling before they even stepped foot in the kitchen:

Sam Nixon

“Cooking with a time limit, the pressure of that, I think I’m going to struggle with.

“It’s actually what I wanted to do as a profession. I thought I wanted to try and become a chef, and as that was about to start happening my audition for Pop Idol was at the same time, and I moved to London and everything sort of changed really.”

Rylan Clark

“Right now, I’m feeling sick. My worst fear is if I walk in there, and I don’t know what something is, and I end up killing someone!

“I’m such a fan of the show, it just feels so surreal. Honestly I just keep thinking I shouldn’t be here.”

Kimberly Wyatt

“If I get through the first round, the sky is the limit. I’m nervous; I’m really out of my element. When it comes to performing on the day, let’s just hope my dance skills can somehow dance their way into my food.

“I’m a new mum, and pretty much since I fell pregnant I really found a love for cooking, wanting to be able to bring the family together over food, and so I’ve sort of started this food journey and somehow it’s led me here on MasterChef.”


See the MasterChef final tonight at 8:30pm on BBC1

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