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Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Farrah Abraham

From 16 and Pregnant to CBB contestant, the American Reality TV star has grown up on screen, but will she be the house's new Big Muvva?

Published: Thursday, 27th August 2015 at 9:06 pm

Name: Farrah Abraham


Age: 24

Country: USA

Twitter: @F1Abraham

Famous, why?: For being one of America's first Reality TV Teen Moms on 16 & Pregnant and, err, having a "best-selling sex tape".

Bio: Born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Farrah Abraham shot to fame when she gave birth to daughter Sophia in the second episode of the very first series of 16 and Pregnant in 2009. The then teenage Farrah was forced to raise her daughter as a single parent, as her partner passed away just two months before she gave birth.

Abraham went on to feature in MTV spin-off series Teen Mom, which documented her experiences of motherhood and her often fraught relationship with her family.

In 2012 the Reality TV veteran simultaneously released her debut album and autobiography, both titled My Teenage Dream Ended. The book was a New York Times best-seller, while the album didn't fare quite so well.

Abraham hit the headlines that same year when she appeared in a sex tape with adult film star James Deen. Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was followed by Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, both of which did little to diminish her fame.

Never one to shy away from a Reality TV opportunity, in 2014 Abraham appeared on Couples Therapy… without a partner. She opted to pair up with her mother when her 'boyfriend' claimed he wasn't actually her other half.

That same year she returned to the music industry with Blowin, a self-penned single about her celebrity lifestyle.


This year Abraham signed up for another series of Teen Mom – titled Teen Mom OG – which featured her controversial return to the group of 16 & Pregnant alumni.


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