Caroline Flack wants Paul Danan to return to Love Island

But the presenter admits the new ITV2 series doesn’t need celebrities to make it work this time around

Former Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan and Love Island go somewhat hand in hand. From fiery arguments to security having to step in, Danan certainly kept things lively when he appeared in both the first and second series back in 2005 and 2006. So, as rumours rumble that he’ll make a return to this year’s ITV2 reboot – fuelled by his regular tweets about all things Love Island – we put the idea of a reappearance to new host Caroline Flack.


“I want Danan to be here,” she told “Pop out of the hot tub every now and again. That would be great,” she added with a laugh.

After being shown around the villa this week, I can confirm that one of the production team’s favourite phrases is “anything can happen”, so the idea of some famous former contestants appearing in the Mallorca location certainly isn’t off the table. The initial twelve islanders really are only the beginning, with plenty in store for the show’s six-week run.

But with a bumper crop of contestants this year – ranging from a Playboy Bunny to cocky Essex lads – Flack isn’t so sure chucking a celeb or two into the villa is really necessary.

“I don’t think you need them. It’s going to be enough on its own. It’s the relationships that are interesting.”

However, some of the contestants do share some interesting famous connections which will no doubt become topics of conversation during their stints on the island. Rachel Christie – Linford Christie’s niece – has dated and had a child with former Gladiator David McIntosh, himself no stranger to reality TV after appearing in Celebrity Big Brother last year. Then there’s Essex lad Jon Clark who was dating TOWIE’s Jasmin Walia, although Flack insists Love Island won’t be looking to introduce any surprise former flames in the style of Ex on the Beach.

“I don’t think we’re going to do the ex thing. Everything that happens on here will be something that hasn’t been done before,” Flack explained. “I think rather than keep removing people, add people in. If you’re taking people away, that’s just taking feelings away. If you add people in, that’s adding feelings. That’s more relationships, it will be different.”

The show is certainly set to kick off with a bang, as the twelve contestants are immediately asked to pair up and – at least for the moment – share a bed.

“That bit is the best bit, the format of it,” said Flack. “I was watching the trial of it,” she added with her hands over her face. “That’s what I want the viewer to be like. It’s not horrible – it’s like, ‘oh god.’” As for what’s next for the contestants… “Stay tuned,” she teased.


Love Island starts Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV2