Caroline Flack: Strictly Come Dancing has completely changed my life

The finalist and former Xtra Factor presenter is on a high after mastering ballroom dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is well known for transforming celebrities. It shrinks waist lines, tones legs and turns bulky sportsmen into elegant and graceful performers. But finalist Caroline Flack reckons it has overhauled her life beyond recognition, in a slightly different way. 


“It’s changed my life completely,” the 35-year-old said at a press conference for tonight’s grand final. “It’s changed my life in a way where I feel more confident. I’ve realised that there’s different things that I want to do.”

The former Xtra Factor presenter is clearly considering a change of direction, and even career, once Strictly concludes this weekend. 

“It’s actually changed my mind on everything I want to do. It’s completely opened my mind to different things I want to try. It’s given me a massive boost in confidence and it’s made me feel very positive,” she said, adding: “I just know there’s other things I can do now… I didn’t think I could come in and do so well in this so it shows that you can put your mind to anything.”

She also credited her professional dancing partner and the rest of the celebrity line-up with her transformation, saying: “I’ve met Pasha – he’s become a really good friend. I’ve met everyone here. It’s just been such a positive experience.”

Flack is the only contestant to have scored full marks so far in the competition, an experience she called “the greatest moment of my life.”

“My biggest achievement,” she joked. At least we think she was joking – let’s be fair, a 10 from Craig is hugely impressive…


Strictly Come Dancing concludes tonight at 6:30pm on BBC1