Can I watch The Circle US in the UK?

The popular reality show now has an American version...

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The Circle has proved something of a surprise hit over its first two series on Channel 4, earning rave reviews for its unusual format which sees contestants living in an apartment building and interacting purely online.


And following its success, the same format has now been adopted for a US version, with 10 episodes of The Circle US airing in the first three weeks of January.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news for UK fans desperate for another fix of the show though – currently, the US version is only available on Netflix across the pond, with no news currently available about whether the series will eventually make its way to Netflix UK.

However, if you do fancy sampling just a small taste of what The Circle US has to offer, then you can catch an “exclusive cut” of the first episode – which has been made available on YouTube.

The Circle UK series two saw Paddy Smyth take the top prize of £70,000, in a series which also saw Richard Madeley pretend to be a 27-year-old woman by the name of Judy.

It’s not yet clear when we can expect to see another series of the show – if there is to be a third run – but the creators have already been on the lookout for potential new contestants, with applications having been welcomed as the second series was drawing to a close.


The US version is hosted by actress and comedian Michelle Buteau.