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#BusStrike: six famous buses we wish we could travel on today

The wheels on the bus most definitely aren't going round and round. Here are the TV and film buses we think should run our routes instead...

Published: Tuesday, 13th January 2015 at 11:57 am

It's bus strike Tuesday here in London as drivers are caught in a row over a collective pay deal, opting to walk out at 00:01 this morning. #BusStrike has been trending on Twitter all day and people are mad...


Mad that their perfectly-timed commute has been ruined. Mad that they've got to find another way to work. Mad that their boss hasn't just declared this heinous day a duvet day, allowing said bus travellers to hide at home.

So, as bus commuters strap on their sensible shoes, hop on a Boris Bike or trundle down into the heaving tubes, we consider the buses of TV and film that really should run our routes...

The Knight Bus

The magical purple bus from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban is brilliant for several reasons: it arrives when you're stranded, the conductor puts your luggage on for you, it has beds in it, goes at cheek wobbling speeds and can even squeeze between two normal buses (when they're running, that is...)

The Spice World bus

I'll tell you what commuters want, what they really, really want is a leather-clad Posh Spice driving in sky high stilettos and yelling at them to hang onto their knickers before flying across an opening Tower Bridge...

The Magic School Bus

A commute that is speedy and educational? Sure, it might take a little longer what with that detour past Mars, the raft down a river of lava... but it beats the usual commuting stories of a sweaty armpit in the face, eh?



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