Was it the best or the worst Golden Buzzer act you've ever seen on Britain's Got Talent? Whatever you think of The Crumble Song, David Walliams clearly knows something Simon Cowell doesn't when it comes to keyboard-wielding singer Lorraine Bowen.


Yes, 53-year-old piano teacher Lorraine Bowen, who went down a storm with her Casio propped up on an ironing board, actually has a proud musical heritage. She can even count campaigning songwriter Billy Bragg among her friends.


When Walliams slammed his buzzer down, Bragg was last person we expected to see cheering Lorraine on, but there he was, right there in our timeline congratulating his "old mate".

A bit of digging on Lorrain's own website confirms the connection: that's her on the left!

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After starting out on her musical career with 80s band The Dinner Ladies, she was then spotted by Bragg. "Billy Bragg auditioned Lorraine for his 1988 WORKERS PLAYTIME album tour," the bio explains, "replacing full time pianist/backing vocalist Cara Tivey on her maternity leave. Miraculously she got the job and set off around the UK and Europe at the height of Billy’s career in stadiums, opera houses and massive venues."

(Bragg far right, picture from www.lorrainebowen.co.uk)

And that's not all...

Britain's Got Talent wasn't Lorraine's first brush with TV fame. In April 2013 she featured on The One Show to show off "what is probably Britain's largest polyester wardrobe".


Is there nothing this BGT breakout star hasn't done?

Oh, and if you liked The Crumble Song so much you want a second helping, how about this Indian cover version?



And after last night, Lorraine Bowen has plenty more celebrity admirers...