Britain’s Got Talent crowd crown Cowell best TV judge

David Walliams has been celebrating his Best TV Judge NTA win for months, but tonight, prankster Stephen Mulhern got the BGMT audience on Simon Cowell’s side

During this year’s Britain’s Got Talent series, David Walliams has mentioned that he won Best TV Judge at the NTAs just a few times in front of fellow nominee Simon Cowell. But tonight, Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern turned the tables on Walliams. 


I, along with the hundreds of others sat inside Wembley’s Fountain Studios, was briefed to stay completely silent when asked if Mr Walliams was the nation’s favourite judge. When asked if it was Simon, we were to break out in raucous applause. 

“I think they’ve been coached,” Alesha Dixon laughed as Cowell drank in the praise. 

Cowell was even awarded his own Best TV Judge sash, as he mockingly told Walliams that coming second was still something to be proud of. 

But Walliams wasn’t giving up that easily, leaping up to grab the sash before dancing around in front of the camera. Cowell then stole the sash back and himself took over the camera, leaving Mulhern with little to do but yell from the back that it was time to go to a break. 

The whole skit came after Walliams had actually tackled Mulhern to the floor, as he attempted to roller-skate out to start the spin-off show. He’s pretty sure he’s broken his knee cap. Honestly, if you haven’t tuned into More Talent yet, what are you waiting for?


Britain’s Got More Talent continues Friday at 10:00pm on ITV2