Brian Blessed reads weather report and insults Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

RIP headphone listeners


Brian Blessed – walking sonic boom and famed Flash Gordon meme – shook the nation awake today on Good Morning Britain.


The breakfast show started with the veteran thespian wishing the audience good morning, before booming a special message to one of its regular presenters. “I can’t stand that Piers Morgan,” the star roared. “He’s so ugly and he never bathes! It’s nice to be with the two young ladies!”

Susanna Reid, who was presenting the show with Kate Garraway in Morgan’s absence, responded: “I don’t think how he smells is the main problem with Piers.”

And then Blessed joined Laura Tobin for today’s weather report, where he went on a tangent about Scottish men’s kilts. Obviously.

“It’s always wet, whenever I’ve climbed a mountain there,” he said of the Scottish weather. “Watch out for the men in their kilts; the wind will blow right up their kilts.”


Don’t ever change, Brian.

Good Morning Britain is on ITV weekdays, 6am