Bradley Walsh attempts to conquer fear of heights in Breaking Dad preview clip

It looks like The Chase host and his son Barney might struggle to reach new heights in the new season of Breaking Dad.

From Hungry Bear 

Monday 4th January 2021 on ITV 

Pictured: Bradley Walsh (left) and his son Barney (right) climbing Excalibur, the worldÕs tallest freestanding climbing wall in Groningen, Netherlands

Brand new series.  Bradley Walsh and his son, Barney are back on the road for a third series, but this time they are staying closer to home and heading for Europe.  TheyÕll be travelling from their home in Essex all the way to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, but the first stop on their road trip is The Netherlands, where they try out one of the countryÕs oldest sports, canal jumping.  The action continues when the pair don lycra for a spot of velodrome track cycling, alongside a world champion, and before they leave the country, father and son take on the worldÕs tallest freestanding climbing wall. 

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The third series of Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad airs next week (Monday 11th January), and it looks like the father and son duo have a tough mountain – or, rather, the world’s tallest freestanding climbing wall – to climb…


ITV has released a brand new clip for next week’s premiere. In it, we get a glimpse of the pair taking on the aptly named Excalibur, which stands at just over 121 feet (37 m) tall and offers arguably the best views in the Netherlands.

However, as you can see in the clip below, Bradley Walsh, who is famously scared of heights, doesn’t think he’ll make it to the top…

The Doctor Who star seems visibly shaken by the experience, gripping onto the climbing holds while Barney encourages him to stay calm.

Viewers will have to tune in next week to see if they reach the peak.

As well as climbing free-standing walls, the six-part series will see the pair take on all sorts of thrill-seeking activities across Europe, including ski-jumping, paragliding and a bungee jump.

Of course, it’s not all about Barney pushing his dad to the limit – though we do certainly enjoy that part. They will also get to kick back and enjoy the Amalfi Coast and give Swiss yodelling a try.

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad was supposed to air on Monday 4th January but was pushed back a week on account of Boris Johnson’s latest coronavirus briefing.


Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad season 3 begins airing Monday 11th January at 8pm on ITV. Looking for more ideas on what to watch next? Check out our TV Guide