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Bradley Walsh has started dancing his way to work and you've never seen anything like it

The Chase and Doctor Who star has unleashed #braddersbangerz on Instagram and we weren't prepared for it

Bradley Walsh
Published: Monday, 5th February 2018 at 12:44 pm

You probably think you’re ready to watch a video of The Chase host Bradley Walsh dancing along to Beyoncé in the back of a car. You’re not.


You need to sit down. You need to take a deep breath. You need to take a day's holiday if possible because the latest video posted on Instagram today by the incoming Doctor Who companion will change everything.

Sitting in the back of a car on his way to work, Walsh notifies his followers that “THERE’S ONLY FIVE MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WEEKEND!”

Then the two-time NTA winner asks his driver, the elusive off-camera Joey, what song is playing on the radio.

It’s Beyoncé. And Walsh likes that it's Beyoncé. He really likes it. In fact, he likes it enough to shout “RACK IT UP, JOEY!” before starting a dance consisting of head moves to the side, opening his knitted cardigan by a button, and miscounting his fingers.

It’s weird. It’s fantastic. It’s, well, see for yourself.

But there's more. The video is just one of the #braddersbangerz the presenter has recently posted. There’s one from last Friday: the Bruno Mars edition. It’s one where Walsh declares, “I LOVE HIM! HE’S FROM HAWAII! THAT'S WHERE PINEAPPLES COME FROM! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY HANDS!”

And then there’s the head-banging Pink chapter. A brilliant high-energy video – featuring a glimpse of Joey – but unfortunately Walsh's powerful performance is abruptly cut short (“I’VE GOT A HEADACHE NOW!”).

Last week he also released a banger featuring Yungen’s single Bestie, eyebrow dancing and Walsh’s line “HE’S BESTIE! I’M WORSTIE!".

And here’s the #braddersbanger that started it all: the Stormzy edition. Sadly no mention of Joey, but the episode does contain Bradley’s heartfelt plea to the rapper: “keep it real Stormzy – you the man!”


All we need now is a dedicated #braddersbangerz channel. James Corden, you know who to call up for your next Carpool Karaoke...


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