Binky and Alex avoid the L-word on Made in Chelsea

Despite plenty of goading from Jamie Laing, the new couple are yet to declare their love for one another thanks to the shadow of Alex's ex-girlfriend Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Amidst a graveyard of failed Made in Chelsea relationships, Alex and Binky’s union has so far stood the test of time. The new coupling are even quite sweet, compared to the tempestuous pairings of recent years (Spencer and Louise, we’re looking at you).


But, as is only natural in Chelsea, people just can’t help talking about romantic partnerships and with the gossip comes the difficult questions – like Jamie, Francis and Proudlock’s incessant questioning about whether Alex and Binky love one another. An uncomfortable Alex proffered the neutral response: “It always takes a while,” before continuing… “I don’t know, you’d have to ask her.” 

Although, it turned out Alex had a Phoebe-Lettice-shaped shadow hanging over him, admitting to his boiiis that “it takes a while and I think after my first love, I’ve never really sunk that quickly back into it.” 

It wasn’t long before loose-tongued Jamie had scurried off to Phoebe to impart the news that her ex-boyfriend still held a torch for her. “I want to get inside his head and find out what he’s actually thinking towards Binky,” said Sherlock Laing. “I think Alex is just holding back his emotion,” she replied, meanwhile Fran was busy whispering poisonous thoughts into Binky’s ear. “It’s just Jamie and Spencer that I worry about,” she announced, “taking him to lots of nightclubs with lots of hot girls.” Who needs friends like these?

Now, Alex seems like a sensible enough lad, but why he continues to trot off to Phoebe every time something’s wrong with his relationship is beyond us. “It’s really embarrassing for me that the ex-girlfriend has to hear how our relationship is going,” lamented poor Binks. “It’s not her place to know.” Meanwhile Alex was yakking away to Phoebe, telling her, “It wasn’t ‘I can never fall in love again’; It was ‘I haven’t since’.”

“That’s the last thing Binky wants to hear,” he continued. “‘Alex can’t fall in love since Phoebe’.” And the misguided chap chose to explain himself at Binky’s failed dinner party towards the end of the episode, telling her, “What I meant was I haven’t fallen in love since Phoebe – it isn’t a case of it’s not going to happen.” Suffice to say, Binky wasn’t looking too reassured. 

Let’s hope the latest trouble in paradise doesn’t last too long – although, judging by Alex’s reaction to Binky’s mum’s Christmas invitation, we wouldn’t be too surprised if he started getting cold feet… 

Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 10:00pm on E4