Bill Turnbull is going to be on The One Show – but where’s he going to sit?!

Alex Jones and Matt Baker swapped places on the sofa following the BBC Breakfast row over seniority - but what will happen when the daddy of daytime wants to sit down?


The rules of sofa etiquette are about to be tested to their limits as Bill Turnbull prepares for an appearance on The One Show…


Turnbull is the man whose departure from BBC Breakfast after 15 years inadvertently ignited a row over who should sit where on the programme’s famous red couch, with some arguing that “new boy” Dan Walker should not have been given the more senior ‘camera-left’ position previously occupied by Turnbull and that more experienced host Louise Minchin should be sitting there instead.

On Wednesday night’s edition of The One Show, Alex Jones and Matt Baker swapped places on their own sofa to highlight the issue.

But what will they do when Turnbull arrives tonight to promote his new afternoon game show Think Tank? Yes, he’s a guest so would normally sit on the right of both hosts but he’s also the daddy of BBC daytime presenting, a man with a decade-and-a-half of experience under his belt, and he deserves respect.

Sure, the famously mild-mannered Turnbull is unlikely to cause a scene, but there are limits, and Jones, Baker and The One Show producers may well find themselves facing a serious couch conundrum…


The One Show is on BBC1 at 7pm