Benedict Cumberbatch turns to Beyoncé for sassy mean tweet response

The Sherlock star knows a little Single Ladies is the best way to bring down the haters

Benedict Cumberbatch has proven he has some serious sass by using Beyoncé to respond to a mean tweet. 


Joining fellow actors Jeff Bridges and Kristen Bell on Jimmy Kimmel’s US chat show, Cumberbatch took part in a regular comedy segment which sees stars read out less-than-complimentary tweets about themselves. Bridges should be shouting at pigeons and Bell has something interesting going on downstairs, apparently. 

But when Cumberbatch’s mean tweet tried to claim some similarities between liking him and liking a cat’s behind, he looked to Beyoncé to respond:


“Well, someone did and she put a ring on it.” Oof. If only he’d done the full dance afterwards…