When is BBC2’s Eight Go Rallying: the Road to Saigon on TV?

BBC2's new documentary sees eight celebs take part in an epic classic car rally across South East Asia

Andi Oliver, Miquita Oliver (BBC)

Celebrities-in-cars is a pretty well-known TV trope now – James Corden alone has built an entertainment empire off the back of it.


But BBC2’s new documentary Eight Go Rallying: the Road to Saigon has a twist – eight celebrities in classic (read: falling apart) cars will be taking part in a car rally stretching across more than 3,000km of South East Asia.

Read on for everything you need to know about the show.

When is Eight Go Rallying: the Road to Saigon on TV?

The series starts on Sunday 19th August at 9pm on BBC2.

What’s the show’s premise?

The clue’s in the title: eight celebrities (two in each car) head off on a classic car rally, starting off in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The pairs – two married couples, two best mates and one dynamic mother-daughter duo – race against each other while encountering a few bumps in the road along the way.

Tinchy Stryder and Jordan Stephens (Rizzle Kicks) (BBC)
Tinchy Stryder and Jordan Stephens (Rizzle Kicks) (BBC)

While there’s some sightseeing for the celebs, it’s not all fun and games, as a contestant ends up in hospital, and more than one car breaks down.

Who are the celebrities taking part?

Eight Go Rallying (BBC)
Eight Go Rallying (BBC)

The four pairs include: food broadcaster and Great British Menu host Andi Oliver alongside her TV presenter daughter Miquita Oliver; broadcaster Noel Edmonds (of Deal or No Deal fame) and his wife, makeup artist Liz; Martin Kemp (EastEnders) and his wife, musician and former Wham! backup singer Shirlie; and friends Tinchy Stryder and Jordan Stephens (Rizzle Kicks).

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